Hello dear guest!

I am Raili, the founder of the Naili e-store.
My passion for artificial nails arose already in 2004, when the entire world of artificial nails was starting to gain popularity in Estonia. I successfully graduated from the Private School of Beauty Services in 2004 and this is how the journey began for me.
The company Naili OÜ was registered in 2020.
Many different products have been tested throughout the year to find products for the Naili brand. In my product range, I offer you the best products selected by several nail masters.
Above all, our products are easy and convenient to use for the nail technician herself/himself, which in turn allows time savings for both the technician as well as the client.
Many products are universal, so you don’t have to have too many different products on your table.
Naili products are suitable for professional nail technicians, pedicurists as well as home users.
All Naili products are registered in the CPNP system and have the certificates required in the EU.
If you have any questions about using the products, write to me, I am here for you!
In the meantime, I wish you a pleasant shopping and use of the products!